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christmas trees

Austrian Christmas trees and farms

The christmas tree is the main feature of a decorated home at christmas time for festivals seasons. The form, colour and durability of a christmastree are important factors for consumers choosing a tree. Austrian farmers consider these features. On this site you find farmers from different states of Austria who sell good quality. more infos >>

Austrian Advent Traditions
Christmas Eve: (Heiliger Abend) December 24th: Advent ends on the Holy Night. This is when Austrians
celebrate. There are no theater performances and, up till a few years ago, even movie theaters,
cafes, and restaurants were often closed. The Christmas tree is decorated, the Christkind comes to families
to bring presents, the wax candles on the tree are lit the stable scene is set under the tree...and the
rush is over. The best way to feel the meaning of this moment is to remember the words of the hymn
“Silent Night” composed by Franz Xaver Gruber in 1884.

In front of the tree, the gospel is read, poems are recited and rpayers are said for those not present.
After all the gifts have been presented, the families sit down for a very festive dinner. The old tradition in
Vienna was to serve carp. Mass is celebrated in all churches at midnight. Earlier services satart at 10pm for families with elderyly members or children.
Christtag, 1. Weihnachtstag, (Christmas Day December 25th)
The family gathers after church in the morning for a so-called Weihnachtsessen. The main course, traditionally,
is goose. Relatives enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in peace; it should be a quiet day without
any hectic activities. 2. Weihnachtstag, (St. Stephen’s Day) December 26th:
Again, this is a quiet holiday. Family, relatives and friends meet for lunch or coffee, go to concerts or theaters or just take walks. Happy Holidays!!

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