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bio energy

Why using solar?
Good facts for using the sun to produce energy:

     * Every year 15 times as much solar energy hits the earth like the rest of humanity has used in 2006.

     * Solar energy is very environmentally friendly. Unlike conventional electricity the production of solar electricity produced no environmentally harmful byproducts like carbon dioxide.

     * Although Austria is not necessarily
a sun-rich country, the whole country will be supplied with sufficient energy.

     * The line losses (the portion of the stream lost during transportation over the lines) is limited, since the distance between electricity consumers and electricity source
is reduced across the country because of distributed photovoltaic installations.

     * Solar systems are more secure, less dangerous (and destructive) than nuclear power plants. Falls from a photovoltaic system, whose performance can be compensated by the much lighter than many other investments at a loss of an entire nuclear power plant.

     * Photovoltaic systems will be eligible under the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) from the state. Many banks also awarded low-interest loans with fixed interest rates and redemption-free years for the construction of solar plants.

solar energy:

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